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Website Development and Creative Services Firm

Oshi Interactive is a Louisville-based website design and marketing firm.  We specialize in the development of corporate websites and content management.  Unlike many competitive brands, our skillset is balanced between form and function.  While many might consider this our strength; we believe it is just one competitive edge we maintain.  Each project assignment we undertake allows us to hone our skills making us a logical choice for your creative services needs.  Our experience as industry veterans is what truly separates us from other design firms.

Our development staff and know-how is backed by an average 15 years of development and coding experience.  Simply put, we know how to make things work online.  We know the Internet.  Additionally we have a keen business sense about us.  Allowing us to help you incorporate Internet-based technologies into your daily processes.  Building many opportunities for your business to grow and prosper.

Oshi Interactive was built around our company owned server network.  We self-manage and rely on a network of servers that we built years ago.  This is our backbone for online commerce and development processes.  The success of Oshi Interactive and our website development abilities depends on this core.  Offering solutions for hosting on Mac or Apple, Microsoft, and Unix platforms is what we are about. 

The Oshi brand is much larger than website development and coding.  Our brand Oshi is about Influence.  Being part of your success as a creative services firm or website development to IT support and content management is what drives our team.   Our team was built to provide you solutions.

Website development is no longer a simple need or a small page where you describe yourself.  Potential customers want and expect or label you with that image you present.  Let us polish that image and guide your online marketing efforts.